Azimut and Truffle

Again K-ARRAY push the boundaries for high performance discrete audio solutions. With the usual options for colour from Standard to Premium our options cover all eventualities. The following link covers the Azimut range of systems, please get in contact to experience these incredible systems.

Datasheet – K ARRAY Azimut2019

KZ1 Ultra Miniature

The KZ1 sets a new benchmark for discrete audio without compromising audio quality.

Sensitivity – 82.4dB SPL (1W, 1M)
140degree Horizontal 140degree Vertical.
Dimensions 22 x 37 x 10.5mm
Black, White, RAL and premium finishes.


TRUFFLE Compact Subwoofers

The new TRUFFLE range of subwoofers has been created to compliment the new KZ and KV speakers and to enhance the current range of compact subwoofers.

KTR24 – 4″ / 45Hz-150Hz / 82.4dB / 50W / 4ohm / IP54 / 1.5KG

KTR25 – 5.25″ / 45Hz-150Hz / 85.6dB / 50W / 4ohm / IP54 /2.5KG

KTR26 – 6.5″ / 45Hz-150Hz / 89.4dB / 50W / 4ohm / IP54 / 3.5KG